Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania White Pages

Wilkes-Barre White Pages

A phone number that starts with the Pennsylvania area code belongs to someone who lives in Wilkes-Barre. Enter this phone number on the Pennsylvania white pages to find out the phone number owner’s name, address, social media profiles, and other public records. 

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State Pennsylvania

County Luzerne County

Area code 484, 610

Rank in State 13th

Rank in Country 976th

Population 40,364

Land Area (mi²) 7,0 sq mi

Density (mi²) 5,782,60/sq mi

ZIP codes 18701

Median Household Income $38,256

Estimated per capita income $20,322

Median Age 34,3 years

Males (49.4%)

Females (50,6%)

Website https://www.wilkes-barre.city/